Kelsi Giswold BFA, LMP, is a Certified Soma Practitioner with a background in art and design. She views the body with sensitivity and wonder, and a profound appreciation for the powerful connection of the mind, body and spirit. Through her active lifestyle she continually finds joy in physical expression and awareness— whether hiking, skiing, cycling, climbing, playing in her garden, tromping in the snow/dirt or learning a new sport. She was a varsity rower in college, and has hiked, traveled, farmed and worked in South America, Europe, India, Japan and Antarctica.

Kelsi encourages those around her to be playfully engaged in their lives, by being fully present in their bodies. Her wish is to empower and support others to find and deeply trust their core, therefore increasing balance, vitality, compassion and joy.


Interested in Soma Bodywork and Massage? Please call 206.856.0394.
Wallingford Neighborhood, Seattle | Langley, Whidbey Island

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